Tavern Messiah grew out of a desire to play familiar music for the people to enjoy while they are at the bar, brewery, or whatever venue they've come together to fill. The band is made up of Alec Duxbury (rhythm guitar and lead vocals) and James Graves (lead guitar and backing vocals). Tavern Messiah is their second project together, and they bring a wealth of performance and playing experience to to the band.

Alec duxbury

Lead vocals & rhythm guitar

Alec is a career educator and coach who brings decades of experience and a metronomic precision to rhythm guitar playing and singing that keeps the band tight, in time, and moving in the right direction. Check out his other band, Rocket Bleach, where he plays rhythm guitar and also sings. 

James graves

lead guitar & background vocals

James works for a venture backed tech startup during the day, and moonlights as a musician at night. Formerly a member of Rocket Bleach, he brings experience and musical acumen to create compelling and melodic lead lines to the setlist.